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Apr 3, 2019 David Weber Academy

How to Make a Hollow Wooden Surfboard

How does a Hollow Wooden Board start? What comes first?

Structure, design and shape of a Hollow Wooden Surfboard is contained in what we call "skeleton". In it, all the elements of the shape are present, so that the process of construction of the board consist in covering the skeleton with wood planks. Therefore there are several methods of building hollow wooden surfboards, each one covers the skeleton with wood in the most convenient way. The Shaper and Engineer David Weber has developed in recent years the lightest and most rugged method ever designed, which is taught at Workshop Courses annually to dozens of surfers and sports enthusiasts.


In this lesson we will use a 3D CAD Software essential for high-performance wooden surfboards, which is Shape 3D. We use the Desing Pro version, which allows us to export the Surfboard to the "skeleton" shape. It will make a small approach and initial presentation of the program. The main purpose of this lesson:Export a project in Shape3D to the skeleton form.


Shape3D is the worldwide standard CAD software for surfboard modelling. David Weber had the opportunity to participate in collaborating with the adjustments of the Shape3D for Hollow Boards, a function that now works perfectly making the Software the world standard for design and construction of also Wooden Boards. There are many tools and resources that make it possible to combine technology and science with the world of sports. In addition to surfboards, it is also possible to create the most challenging designs. David Weber designed two Polynesian Canoes on Shape3D, The Tahitian V3 which is being built by Kanaloa VAA. In addition he also designed a Hawaiian OC2 Sailing Canoe called A'u Lepe, that is also being built by a sailor and friend that will take it home by the sea, from Floripa to São Paulo (we will be releasing more information about this project soon). In addition, the software is multilingual, with many manuals and video tutorials combined with great customer support.

Generating the Skeleton of the hollow board on Shape3d is part of “Class 0 of the Online Surfboard Workshop Course”.It is a class more oriented to people that aims to create their own boards, developing their own models and projects more independently. Before you venture out creating your own shape and your own skeleton, we recommend that you have already made at least one wooden board in a Workshop, for a better understanding of the method as a whole.


With the knowledge acquired through the Workshops, in addition to this lesson, you are ready to start creating your own independent Shapes and Projects, and you can create your own variations according to your taste and your tests. As the skeleton is fully attached to the rocker table, the variations and possibilities of the process become endless!


The next classes will be available soon at the Workshop Online platform, and unlike that, they will be more practical classes, so you can put your hand in the dough and build your own surfboard. However, we will always appreciate all the theory that is necessary for a better learning of our students, being the main ally in the optimization of the construction processes.

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