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Oct 15, 2019 David Weber Academy

Be a University Certified Shaper

Now you can be a University Certified Shaper!

Surfboards Workshop - Extension Course - Shape Certification

From the perspective of knowledge transmission, in partnership with UNISUL University, we will be conducting an unprecedented Workshop on Sustainable Surfboard Construction, this time as an “Extension Course” at UNISUL - this is the first time a University of Brazil has offered a Certification Course in Shape of Sustainable Surfboards!

An extension course is an academic, technical or cultural activity that is not included in undergraduate or graduate studies. These courses are offered to students who are graduating, in training, or even not at university. The purpose of the extension is to complement the knowledge in a certain area or to expand notions about subjects related to the participant's field of study or area of ​​activity. In this sense, the great differential of this new (limited) version of Workshops is - in addition to the academic / university environment - the certification provided by both the University and our Company. The course is being organized by UNISUL's Design Coordinator, Dr. Ricardo Straiotto, along with Eng. David Weber, mentor of Sustainable Board Building courses.

UNISUL (University of Southern Santa Catarina), has Maximum concept (Note 5) in MEC (Ministry of Education), this places the University among the best higher education institutions of Santa Catarina and Brazil, legitimizing the quality of its courses, projects and services, as well as the excellence of the physical infrastructure in the educational processes promoted by the institution.


David Weber Surfboards Expo at UNISUL

The course will have the same format as our standard Workshops: it will be 3 days of intensive work, where you take home at the end of the course, your sustainable surfboard, made with your own hands. In addition to the 3-day in-person Workshop, you are also acquiring access to our Online Workshop video lesson platform. The Online Workshop encompasses the whole process learned during the presential course, and even more, since we provide various materials: theoretical, practical, extra video lessons, tutorials, and especially the board finalization classes.

Remember that the Workshop is a Shape course, where you start with wooden boards in 2D only (2 dimensions), and over the course of 3 days what we will do is build the board in the process model David Weber Surfboards, developed and optimized entirely by Engineer David Weber. At the end of the course, you will have finalized the shape of your board, ie the final shape (outline, rocker, background curves, wings, concaves, channels, V-bottom).

For your board to be ready to go to the water, there is still missing the Lamination, Hot Coat, and Fins Installation part. This final step that we did not develop in the Workshop is part of the standard process of building Conventional Surfboards,

So, we have provided you with a list of Laminators that can do this final job for you. Or, if you wish, we provide all the theoretical background, video lessons, PDF's - on the Online Workshop platform so you can finish your board yourself.

The UNISUL Shape-certified Extension Workshop will take place on 2019, December 7, 8, and 9. To apply for more information or questions, you can contact us by WhatsApp

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