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- Digital Plan: You will receive a (.pdf) file with the surfboard plans. And start building your board from scratch.

- What is the Online Workshop?

The Online Workshop is the first and foremost comprehensive online course to build your own unique wooden surfboard. Designed and instructed by master shaper David Weber, the course covers the entire process from scratch, and will show you how to build for yourself, step-by-step and in detail, one of Weber’s eco-friendly and revolutionary prized surfboards. Weber is one of the most esteemed Brazilian shapers, and has sold out dozens of hands-on workshops worldwide. Through these workshops Weber has perfected the art of teaching all types of students, from novice to expert, hobbyist or professional shaper, his innovative construction style; Now, this workshop is available to you no matter where you are in the world! 

This is the first online course for the construction of wooden Surfboards, Paddles and Accessories. We approach in the form of video lessons, a super-didactic step by step that will guide you through the building process, from absolute zero.

This is the platform you need to learn to make your own Surfboards, or change your life by becoming a shaper.


The online course covers everything taught in Weber’s famed world-class workshop in the format of video lessons, with critical details, tips and tricks, and invaluable step-by-step guidance. As such, you can work at your own pace, and learn and review at will. Furthermore, as an added bonus to complete the entirety of the construction process from zero-to-surf, Weber has included the additional lamination, hot-coat, fin installation, plugs, and final polishing steps that are not covered in the 4 day physical workshop.

Here you can order adicional Digital Plans to build you board.
Ideal for those who have access to the Online Workshop and would like to build other boards. 

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