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Every surfer should try at least once, building their own surfboard. Even better if is a Wooden board, sustainable, and that can last forever. Our Workshops offer to the surf and art lovers the unique possibility to build your own surfboard. Using our naval construction method, the result is a high performance surfboard with very good final finish.


06, 07 e 08 de março de 2020

Praia Mole


What are you buying?

·      A pratical shaping course for Wooden Surfboards (3 days long), where you are going to learn: the exclusive David Weber Surfboards construction method, build a surfboard, and take it to your home

·      Our goal is having the Surfboard Shape finished, and the board ready to be glassed

·      The Workshop includes all materials and the usage of all tools until the shaping

·      You will have side by side during the course a Master Shaper proficiency in Wooden Surfboards Construction

·      You are going to improve your experience in Shaping and WoodWorking.

·      Our workshops are projected to all levels of engagement, including first time sailor

·      A all life experience with the board of your dreams, built by your own hands

We use Japanese Paulownia wood, super light and resistant. This is the best option in performance for building a Hollow wooden surfboard. Besides that, is sustainable, reflorested and carefully chose, like all the materials used to build your surfboard.

The workshop is a practical course of shaping. Will be missing the glassing and final finish of the board. These are common processes to the conventional surfboards. The costs of glassing are not included in the course. The workshop finalizes with the Surfboard Shape done and the Shaper sign (yours). To finish your board (making it surfable) you have 2 options:

1.     Taking your board to a laminating shop

2.     Doing it by youself! We are going to provide you full access to our Online Workshop (Classes in form of Tutorials). The epoxy resin and fiber glass you can find all around the world with no big issues.

3.    In Florianópolis we have the option to take the board to our reliable glasser.

*The final cost of a board built in the Workshop, including taking it to a laminating shop still lower than ordering a Surfboard from us. And after the course, you will be able to build other surfboards by your own.


What are you going to learn?

While you build your own surfboard, the knowledge grows exponentially, learning shaping concepts and surfboards design, gluing techiniques, methods of wood bending, usage of all kinds of tools. This process involves a group of techniques that provide a big satisfaction: transforming simple wood planks in high performance surfboards.

How`s the Work Load?

It’s about 30 hours of work in 3 intensive days, where the student will learn the construction methods of a hollow wooden surfboard. The process involves the deck and bottom collage, followed by the preparation of the collage structure. In the following days we are going to build the board, gluing the deck and finally shape the board with the hand plane, sand and other cutting tools.

*The vacancies are limited and will be empty with a lot of antecedence, so you better program yourself to participate.

What can be built?

During the Workshop days you can build Surfboards, Alaias, and Handplanes.


For Alaias and Handplanes we work in the last 2 days of Workshop, where we begin defining the length, size and shape. The second day is for final adjustments and final finish, with the Tung Oil for the board impermeabilization and protection.

We love building Alaias and Handplanes because they are 100% organic surfboards that can be reshaped anytime.



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