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Surfing with a board you've made yourself is a unique experience. Imagine catching waves with something you created. That board is not just a piece of wood; it's a part of you, carrying your energy and passion for surfing. Wood, a natural and vibrant material, makes this board even more special because it connects with the sea in a unique way.

When you surf with your own board, each wave becomes a more intense and personal moment. It's as if the board understands every move you make, turning the experience of surfing into more than a sport, but a true expression of who you are. This deep connection between you, your board, and the sea is what makes surfing with a board made by you an unforgettable experience. Surfing with a board that is "truly yours" elevates this experience to another level, making every moment in the sea an authentic expression of your passion for surfing.

Our Next Workshops

August 23, 24 & 25 
Praia Mole | Florianópolis | Brasil 


September 20, 21 & 22 


September 27, 28 & 29 



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By enrolling in our workshop, you'll not only have the chance to immerse yourself in 3 days of intensive coursework but also take home much more than knowledge. Here's everything included in your registration:

  • Your Own Board

    Create and Take Home: At the end of the workshop, you will have not only learned the art of board construction but will also have your own board, built by you, to take home. A true masterpiece of art and engineering, ready to take on the waves.

  • International Certificate

    Recognition of Excellence: With the Completion Certificate from the David Weber Academy, your effort and skill will be recognized internationally. This certificate not only symbolizes your dedication and passion for surfing and board construction but also opens doors to future opportunities.

  • Exclusive Access to the Online Workshop

    Two Years of Unlimited Access: As part of your registration, you will receive free access for two years to our renowned Online Workshop on Hollow Wooden Boards. Normally, this complete course requires an investment of R$3770 (730 EUROS), but by enrolling in the in-person workshop, it's yours, without any additional costs. This online course will further deepen your knowledge and skills, allowing you to explore new techniques and designs in the comfort of your home.

  • Digital Designs for 3 Boards or Stand Up

    Expand Your Arsenal: In addition, you will also receive digital designs to build 3 more boards or a Stand Up Paddle of your choice. These designs, valued at R$1131 (210 EUROS), are the perfect complement to apply and expand the skills acquired, allowing you to continue your building journey with confidence and creativity.

Guided Directly by Me: David Weber, in the Surfing Paradise of Florianópolis

Embark on an extraordinary workshop experience where you'll be personally guided by me, David Weber, in the stunning surf paradise of Florianópolis, Brazil. As a professional engineer and a renowned shaper of surfboards, especially celebrated for my innovative wooden surfboards that marry the soulful essence of surfing with the cutting-edge performance of modern design, I invite you to dive deep into the craft of surfboard shaping in one of the most beautiful surfing destinations in the world.

Choose the Board of Your Dreams

This workshop is your gateway to creating the surfboard of your dreams. You'll have the liberty to choose which surfboard model you wish to build from the extensive collection I've developed. Furthermore, with exclusive access to our Online Workshop, you have the opportunity to expand your collection by building an additional 3 boards of your choice, including Stand Ups if you prefer. This unique chance allows you to tailor your surfing experience, crafting boards that perfectly align with your style and surfing needs, all within the breathtaking backdrop of Florianópolis.

Empowerment for the Future

Completing this course equips you with more than just a new surfboard; it empowers you with the knowledge and skills to continue crafting boards on your own. This invaluable expertise opens up endless possibilities to explore and expand your board collection, each infused with that personal touch only a true shaper can provide.

Transform into a Shaper in Our Workshop

Set in the surfing paradise of Florianópolis, this workshop is a transformative journey designed to turn passionate surfers into skilled shapers. Under my guidance, you'll navigate the entire shaping process, culminating in a board that not only carries your signature but also embodies your passion and dedication to surfing. Remember, getting your board sea-ready requires it to undergo lamination and final finishing – essential steps to ensure its durability and performance. Note that the costs for lamination are not included in the workshop fee.

Finishing Options for Your Board:

  • Do It Yourself: With our Online Course, finish your board independently, avoiding additional labor costs. This empowering option allows you to directly apply your newfound skills.
  • Local Shaper/Laminator: Alternatively, you can take your board to a trusted shaper or laminator in your area. Finishing is a standard practice for both wooden and conventional surfboards.
  • Our Laminator in Florianópolis: For participants in Florianópolis, we offer the option to have your board finished by our trusted laminator, ensuring a professional and high-quality outcome.

Course Location:

The workshop is hosted at Cabanas Praia Mole, a paradise location that promises not just to enrich your learning experience with its inspiring scenery but also to offer moments of relaxation and a deep connection with nature.


Reservations: For more information and to reserve your spot, please contact us via phone or WhatsApp at +55 48 8844-5739. Special rates are available for workshop participants.

Limited Spaces Available

Our workshop in Florianópolis is designed to offer a personalized and intimate experience, which means spaces are limited. This is a rare opportunity to learn the art of shaping directly from an experienced professional like myself, in one of the most beautiful surfing locations in Brazil.

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Don't miss this chance to turn your passion for surfing into a tangible skill, creating surfboards that are not just pieces of equipment but true expressions of your identity on the waves. Register now and begin your journey to becoming a distinguished shaper, guided directly by me, David Weber, in the surfing paradise of Florianópolis. 

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