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In Person Workshops

2023 Dates:

March 15, 16 & 17
Praia Mole | Florianópolis | Brasil  

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Over 3 days, you’ll build the surfboard of your choosing. Each participant builds his own board with me. No previous experience or aptitude for making is necessary.

More than a 3 days Workshop:
It's a complete Shaper Course: 3 days In Person + 2 years Online.

By registering now, you will have:

  • All the Materials and Tools needed to build the shape of your board

  • At the end of the course you will take your Surfboard home, made by yourself.

  • Full access to Our Online Shaper Course, which is a complete course. Developed by me and my team. To take this course today, you would need to invest $730+ Today you will get as a bonus. 

  • You will get a Digital Plan of o a Surfboard or SUP of your choice to build it at home, using the Online Workshop Platform

  • The design of our exclusive Shape Stand for you to do it at home

  • the technical drawings of our Rocker Table, which is unique. So you can continue building boards at home.

  • You will receive all my knowledge that I have acquired over the years, thus having the possibility of becoming a professional shaper with the content that I will teach you.

The Shape is the most important part of a surfboard. The Workshop is a practical Shaper course and aims to finalize the shape of your Wooden Surfboard. 

For the board to be ready to go into the water, lamination (glassing) and final finishing must be done.  Processes common to conventional boards.  Lamination costs are not included in the course fee.  

The Workshop ends with the Shape Ready and the signature of the shaper (You).

 To finish your board, you have the following options:

 1- Finish it on your own (guided by the Online Course), without additional labor costs, and you will live the experience. You will spend with materials 250 reais. (around $50 USD)

 2- Or you can take your board to a Shaper / Laminator in your city since this final part (glassing) is a common step for both, wooden and conventional surfboards.*

 3- In Florianópolis, we have the option of leaving the board to finish with our reliable laminator.*

*In Brazil, this service (materials + labor) has a cost between 500 and 1000 reais. (around $100 to $200 USD). Depending on the size of the board.

The Place:
Cabanas Praia Mole
Florianópolis - Brasil
Reservations: +55 48 8844-5739
*special prices for students