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What is Online Workshop?

 The Online Workshop is an unprecedented platform of online courses for the construction of wooden surfboards. In it, we approach in the form of video lessons, a step-by-step super-didactic to build your board. This is the platform you need to learn to do your own surfboard, or change your life by becoming a shaper.

 This is an exclusive online course, with many advantages over the classroom. You have the autonomy to pause and return whenever you have a question, so you can build the surfboard in your own time. In addition, the Online Workshop has several illustrations and animations that facilitate the understanding of the method. Finally, the online course is even more complete than the presential course, since it includes the part of Lamination, Hot Coat, Installation of Fins, Cups, and the Final Polishing of the board.

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Do I need experience? 

To take the course you do not need any previous experience. Be it with shape or carpentry. This Workshop is suitable for anyone! At the end of the course you will receive a certificate of conclusion, being certificated to build wooden boards on your own; whether by hobby, or by profession. Even without experience, many participants of our Workshops ended up "meeting themselves" in this new world of possibilities, and today they have their profession.


Why should I do?

 The online format easily adapts to your availability of time, and can be viewed at any time of the day, from the comfort of your smartphone, tablet, or computer. You will learn the secrets of the method of building a high level wooden plank.


How is the platform?

 The platform hosts the entire online course organized in the form of video lessons, with complementary files in .pdf form for better didactics. The platform also hosts our YouTube channel "David Weber Academy" where we publish video tutorials of extreme importance for a better understanding of the process.

 Smartphone / Tablet - iOS and Android

 Computer - - Access in "My Account"


What do I need to acquire to start building my board in the online course?

 You'll need basic shape and joinery tools (you'll easily find them in construction materials stores), woods, and a rocker's table (we have a free lesson on how to build your rocker table). You can build it yourself or buy it at a participating discount from our online store. This rocker table can be used to build endless wooden planks after it's ready.

 All this is approached super-didactically on the Online Workshop platform.

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