How to build a surfboard
Learn more about wooden surfboards and how they are made. Handmade process, sustainability and performance.
Surfboards and their hidden environmental
The surfer, in direct contact with nature, have the mission to preserve as much as possible our biosphere, especially the sea and the beaches, which is where the surfer lives his...
Nov 4, 2019 Re-posty
Sustentabilidade, tecnologia e arte – a
Garrett McNamara apresenta-nos um conceito inovador, criado por quem vive o mar como ele. Um novo caminho na relação entre os surfistas e a Natureza.
Worldwide Community
Thinking of a simple, interactive and easy way to share unique content and answer questions about construction processes (boards, paddles, SUPs, canoes, alaias, handplanes, tools...
Be a University Certified Shaper
From the perspective of knowledge transmission, in partnership with UNISUL University, we will be conducting an unprecedented Workshop on Sustainable Surfboard Construction, this...
Resin Epoxy - Important Points
Used in a wide range of industrial, craft and surf industries, the resin epoxy is today the world's highest performing resin available on this market.

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