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How to build a surfboard
Learn more about wooden surfboards and how they are made. Handmade process, sustainability and performance.
Worldwide Community
Thinking of a simple, interactive and easy way to share unique content and answer questions about construction processes (boards, paddles, SUPs, canoes, alaias, handplanes, tools...
Be a University Certified Shaper
From the perspective of knowledge transmission, in partnership with UNISUL University, we will be conducting an unprecedented Workshop on Sustainable Surfboard Construction, this...
Resin Epoxy - Important Points
Used in a wide range of industrial, craft and surf industries, the resin epoxy is today the world's highest performing resin available on this market.
How to Make a Hollow Wooden Surfboard
All the structure, design, shape of a Wooden Surfboard is contained in what we call "skeleton". In it all the elements of the shape are present, so that the process of construction...
Construindo a borda da prancha
Depois de quase 5 anos ensinando, estudando e aprimorando (diariamente) técnicas avançadas de engenharia naval, decidimos difundir esse aprendizado em uma escala ainda maior, onde o...

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