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Fabio Gouveia: A onda é se divertir
Fabio Gouveia: A onda é se divertir. No Canal Off a partir de 13 de maio as 22:00 hs.
How to Make a Hollow Wooden Surfboard
All the structure, design, shape of a Wooden Surfboard is contained in what we call "skeleton". In it all the elements of the shape are present, so that the process of construction...
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Alaia: What is it?
Alaia is at the heart of surfing's history. Surfing emerged in different parts of the world, at different times, with different types of "boards" and with different proposals, not...
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Euro Tour 2019
First David Weber Surfboards Euro Tour was in 2017. The goal was to make a successful Surfboards Workshop in Ericeira, Portugal. Two years after this overseas adventure, we’re...
Construindo a borda da prancha
Depois de quase 5 anos ensinando, estudando e aprimorando (diariamente) técnicas avançadas de engenharia naval, decidimos difundir esse aprendizado em uma escala ainda maior, onde o...
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Florianópolis e arredores: Criando uma
Criando uma prancha de surf na praia mole

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