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Inspired by the original Fish design, first created by Steve Lis, this super fast, easy to paddle, and enjoyably smooth board is is one of our most popular. Hand-crafted entirely from lightweight and ultra durable Japanese Paulownia wood, the Retro Fish’s hollow design and construction provide ample buoyancy for all types of riders on all types of waves.

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Make your own

Build in our workshop R$ 5.530,00

Custom Made

Handcrafted for you R$ 7.200,00

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With a soft precision rocker  and V-Tail that brings back classic surfing style and manoeuvrability, the Retro Fish remains a uniquely aesthetic surfboard. The dynamic ability to ride loose or controlled makes this board one of the most essential to add to any personal quiver.

5'4"2 3/8"19 1/2"30 litros 3,5kg
5'6"2 3/8"20 1/4"33 litros 4kg
5'8"2 1/2"20 3/4"36 litros 4,5kg
5'10"2 3/4"21 1/4"39 litros 5kg

  • Fixed hand-crafted solid wood double fin

  • Hollow and Constructed exclusively and entirely of wood

  • 100% Hand crafted and shaped

  • Design developed with 3D Modeling Software

  • Skeleton cut with CNC for proportion and measurement precision

  • Built in Goretex® breathing vent to automatically adjust interior pressure

  • Custom Order available; Delivery within 60 days