What are you buying?

-      A handy shaper course of wooden planks, where you will learn, build, and take your board home. -      The workshop lasts 3 intensive days, approximately 10 hours a day.

-      Approximately 30 hours in total.

-      The goal of the course is to have the shape finished and the board ready to laminate (placement of fiberglass and epoxy resin).

-      Includes all materials and use of all tools to make the shape. Does not include materials to laminate / finish the board.

-      Experience in shape and woodworking. Workshop designed for all levels of students including beginners.

-      A lifelong experience with the board of your dreams.

-      The workshop ends with the shape of the board done.

There are still processes to put the board in the water.  



By this particular instrument of Shaper Workshop Service Agreement, the above qualified parties have the following fair and agreed upon as follows:


The CONTRACTED PARTY will offer the CONTRACTOR a workshop for the manufacture of surfboards made of wood, and the CONTRACTOR at the end of the course will receive the board produced by him, previously chosen in the registration, during the activities.

Paragraph 1- The board previously selected by the CONTRACTING PARTY at the time of registration (this is done on the CONTRACTOR's website) will be delivered with the finished shape and without the lamination, that is, without the waterproofing (placement of fiberglass and epoxy resin), and as it is a shaper course. In this way, the CONTRACTOR assumes the responsibility of delivering the shape of the board produced by the CONTRACTING PARTY.

Paragraph 2- Include in the contracted object, besides the course, all the necessary raw material for the construction of the shape of the board. The lamination / finalization will be given by the CONTRACTING PARTY.

Paragraph 3- Does not include in the contract the materials for lamination: fiberglass and epoxy resin, as well as no accessories. For example, leash plugs, plug-in kegs, breather valves, fixed keels, dock keels, deck, leash, plank covers, oars, among others.

Paragraph 4- The CONTRACTED PARTY will provide the CONTRACTOR during the 3-day course, lasting 30 hours, which will enable the construction of the shape of a hollow wooden board.

The following activities will be carried out:

1st day from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 1 p.m. to 7:30 p.m

Choose and glue the woods that will make up the bottom and the deck of the board.

Internal preparation of the deck.

Mounting and gluing the skeleton.

Glue the skeleton to the bottom using the press.

2nd day from 8:30 to 12:00 and from 13:00 to 19:30

Mount and glue the edge.

Trimming of the bottom plate.

Marking the position of the fins.

Placing internal reinforcements for fins, leash plug and massive internal locations such as handles, fish tails, etc.

Structural reinforcement if required.

Shape edge rectifier.

Internal lamination of the Deck, serving as demonstration of lamination (which will be made by the CONTRACTOR later on the entire board)

Collage the deck on the board using the press.

3rd day from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and from 1:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Removal of the gluing press.

Shape rough, trimming of burrs.

Shape rough on the edge, using manual planer.

Shape end, sandpaper.  


The CONTRACTOR shall pay the CONTRACTED PARTY in advance the amount corresponding to the course and the previously selected board. The value of each contract varies depending on the location and date of the Workshop, as well as according to the selected board, due to the size and model. Since the cash payment will have a discount of 5%, the CONTRACTING PARTY can make the payment on the credit card via PagSeguro, or PayPal but without discount.The CONTRACTED PARTY will offer the present workshop course in a place able to carry out all the activities necessary for the classes and manufacture of the wooden planks.Sole Paragraph - The CONTRACTING PARTY may in case of force majeure or fortuitous change the place within the same city two days in advance, but undertakes to maintain the same quality standard.


The CONTRACTOR's obligations are:

Paragraph 1 - The CONTRACTING PARTY assumes all responsibility for his clothes (clothes and shoes), since the material used in the course can cause stains, cuts or other defects.

Paragraph 2 - The CONTRACTING PARTY, greater and capable, assumes the risk for the use of the products and equipment during the course, and can not charge the CONTRACTOR for any damages or damages that may come to suffer.

Paragraph 3 - The CONTRACTING PARTY shall be responsible for transportation, food and stay during the course period, not being part of the contracted service.

Paragraph 4 - The CONTRACTING PARTY undertakes to complete his board within the workshop period, leaving it ready for lamination, which will be given on his behalf, and he / she must take with him the board manufactured at the end of the course activities.


The CONTRACTING PARTY hereby expressly authorizes the use of its images and images of the events, free of any encumbrance, in advertising / disclosure by the CONTRACTED PARTY, whether it be photos or videos in any media.


The present agreement may be terminated by either party, by notice to another in writing with a minimum term of thirty (30) days in advance, however, if the denouncing party is the CONTRACTING PARTY, it shall indemnify the other party for 50% value of the contract, that is, will be entitled to a refund of only 50% of the amount paid, since immediately after registration the CONTRACTOR purchases the raw material necessary for the manufacturing of the board pre-selected by the CONTRACTOR, and there is no possibility termination without due compensation.

Paragraph 1 - In case the CONTRACTING PARTY is unable to carry out the course contracted and has not informed within the aforementioned period, the CONTRACTED PARTY may, within its availability, offer the CONTRACTOR the transfer to another class on another date, or allow the CONTRACTING PARTY transfer the rights set forth herein to the other person, and an addendum shall be made to this agreement. However, the person who will acquire the rights cannot change the model and size of the selected board.

Paragraph 2 - In the same way, if the CONTRACTED PARTY does not denounce the contract within the stipulated deadline and is unable to complete the course, it may, within the CONTRACTOR's availability, change the date, and an addendum must be made to the contract.

Paragraph 3 - If any of the parties does not denounce within the stipulated period, nor can they apply the provisions of paragraphs 1 and 2 of this clause, the party that terminated the agreement will indemnify the other in the total amount of this instrument, therefore, if you have been the CONTRACTING PARTY, you will not be entitled to your money back, if you have been the CONTRACTOR, you must return the entire amount paid by the CONTRACTING PARTY.


The parties elect the jurisdiction of the District of Florianópolis / SC. Regardless of where the services will be provided, for any legal action related to this contract, to the exclusion of any other.