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Mini Fish

The Mini Fish is a beautifully constructed, maneuverable, and very loose board designed to glide smoothly on softer waves, as well as larger more powerful breaks. It’s wider outline allows it to plane atop the water with little resistance perfect for use with even gentle waves, while its sharp tail can still carve a wall.

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Make your own

Build in our workshop R$ 5.530,00

Custom Made

Handcrafted for you R$ 7.500,00

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It’s unmistakable and unique retro design is an aesthetic masterpiece without compromising its excellent wave-riding compatibility. Cruise in style with this one-of-a-kind hand shaped hollow-wood Fish! 

The Mini Fish is a uniquely short board that manages to glide with minimal effort on top of the water due to its wide tail and full concave bottom. It’s Rounded outline with sharp fish-tail allow for loose riding and fun in almost all conditions. Unlike other thicker profile fish boards, the mini fish’s hollow wood construction allows for a thinner tail  for maneuverability and carving maximizing optimal buoyancy for swift paddling.

4'10"2 1/2"20 1/4"28 litros 3kg
5'1"2 5/8"20 1/2"32 litros 3,5kg
5'3"2 5/8"20 3/4"34 litros 4g
5'5"2 5/8"21"36 litros 4,5kg

  • Fixed twin-fin or quad fin-box optional fin configuration

  • Hollow and Constructed exclusively and entirely of wood

  • 100% Hand crafted and shaped

  • Design developed with 3D Modeling Software

  • Skeleton cut with CNC for proportion and measurement precision

  • Built in Goretex® breathing vent to automatically adjust interior pressure

  • Custom Order available; Delivery within 60 days