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Surfing with a board you've made yourself is a unique experience. Imagine catching waves with something you created. That board is not just a piece of wood; it's a part of you, carrying your energy and passion for surfing. Wood, a natural and vibrant material, makes this board even more special because it connects with the sea in a unique way.

When you surf with your own board, each wave becomes a more intense and personal moment. It's as if the board understands every move you make, turning the experience of surfing into more than a sport, but a true expression of who you are. This deep connection between you, your board, and the sea is what makes surfing with a board made by you an unforgettable experience. Surfing with a board that is "truly yours" elevates this experience to another level, making every moment in the sea an authentic expression of your passion for surfing.




Nazaré Euro Tour Workshop
Turn Your Passion into Art under the Guidance of David Weber

Join me, David Weber, for an Intensive 3-Day Workshop and embark on an unforgettable journey through the world of hollow wooden surfboard construction. This course is the culmination of years of experience and passion, designed to share with you the most advanced techniques and secrets of this art.

What Do You Get?

- Intensive 3-Day Workshop with David Weber + Your Own Board!

  • Direct Instruction: Learn hollow wooden surfboard construction techniques directly from me, David Weber, in a hands-on and engaging course.
  • Create Your Board: Build your own surfboard during the workshop and take it home, a symbol of your skill and creativity.

- Exclusive Access to the Online Workshop

  • 2 Years of Unlimited Access: Dive into my detailed online course, normally priced at 730 EUROS, now offered as a free bonus.
  • Comprehensive Content: Explore the complete surfboard construction process, with the freedom to learn at your own pace.

- Digital Projects for Knowledge Expansion

  • 3 Projects Included: Receive detailed digital projects to build three more surfboards or Stand Ups, expanding your creative and practical possibilities. This additional content is valued at 210 Euros.

- Certification and Proven Experience

  • International Certificate: Upon completing the course, you will be recognized with a completion certificate from the David Weber Academy.
  • See for Yourself: Watch the video of my last workshop in Nazaré to witness the depth and value of the learning experience I offer.

Choose the Board of Your Dreams

In this special edition of the workshop in Nazaré, we will focus on creating boards up to 7'0". After the workshop, expand your horizons and skills by building larger boards and even Stand Ups, using the resources available in the Online Workshop.

About the Workshop

This hands-on course is a unique opportunity to become a shaper, with the goal of finishing the shape of your board. The process includes:

  • Board Shaping: Learn and apply shaping techniques from the best method of hollow wooden board construction under the direct guidance of David Weber.
  • Shaper's Signature: Finish the shape with your own signature, marking the authenticity and handcrafted work.

Finishing the Board

For your board to be ready for the waves, it needs to go through the processes of lamination and final finishing, not included in the course fee. You have three options to complete your masterpiece:

  • Do It Yourself: Use the Online Workshop to guide you in the finishing, with no additional labor costs.
  • Local Shaper/Laminator: Send your board to a professional of your choice, suitable for wooden and conventional boards.
  • Recommended Laminator in Portugal: Opt for a laminator recommended by us, ensuring quality and trust in the finish.

Location and Spots

  • Course Location: Praia do Norte, Nazaré, Portugal. A legendary location that promises inspiration and challenges.
  • Limited Spots: Attention, only 8 participants will have the chance to live this exclusive experience.

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Flexible Payment Options

We understand the importance of offering flexibility in payment to facilitate your participation in this exclusive workshop. Therefore, we provide various options to meet your needs.

Customized Payment Plans

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  • Installment Payment: We offer the possibility to split the course fee into 2 parts. Contact us via WhatsApp: +55 48 998301749

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