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The Exclusive Workshop is the evolution of the renowned and famous In-Person Workshop I lead. Discover the ultimate course that brings together everything you need in one place: design, build, and learn to create and draw your own surfboard models, alongside me.

In response to the requests of those seeking a comprehensive experience to master all aspects and professionalize to the fullest, I have created this course.

Since 2015, I've had the privilege of sharing my knowledge with the surfing community. Thousands of enthusiasts of all ages and professions have ventured into surfboard building with me, both here in Brazil and around the world. I believe that part of this success is due to my dedication to teaching the best techniques and crafting refined shapes in my workshops.

I'm thrilled to introduce our latest and most comprehensive wooden surfboard building course - the "EXCLUSIVE WORKSHOP". This unique experience is a complete package covering all aspects of surfboard construction and design.

Over four days, we embark on a meticulous process. We begin with a day devoted to custom design of your board. Here, you'll have the exclusive opportunity to collaborate directly with me in crafting and shaping the board of your dreams, using advanced tools like 3D modeling software. Next, we proceed to the precise cutting of the skeleton on my CNC machine.

In the following three days, we embark on an exciting journey of surfboard construction. We employ a combination of traditional and innovative techniques to bring your project to life, ensuring that every detail is meticulously crafted to achieve the desired quality and performance. This approach reflects the same standard of excellence found in the custom boards I produce in my workshop.

Additionally, the course provides exclusive access to the Online Surfboard Construction Workshop, where you'll have all the necessary resources to continue honing your skills at home. This online workshop includes step-by-step tutorials, useful files, and detailed demonstrations, complementing your in-person experience comprehensively.

o further elevate your skill level, you'll have access to the Design and Shape + 3D course. This comprehensive and thorough course is designed to provide a detailed understanding of the fundamental principles of surfboard design and shape. Furthermore, it will offer step-by-step guidance on how to use the Shape 3D modeling program to Create Your Own Boards with precision and creativity.

It's important to note that this course is considered the most complete and comprehensive available, ensuring that you have access to all the information and tools necessary to enhance your skills and excel in the art of surfboard construction.

As a bonus, you will also receive three additional projects to enhance your techniques and specialize even further. With the Online Workshop, you will have the opportunity to choose from various models of surfboards or stand-up paddleboards for the three additional projects, allowing you to deepen your knowledge and develop your skills in a personalized manner.

Joining the 'Exclusive Workshop' means becoming part of an extremely limited group, consisting only of you, or at most you and one other person. No prior experience is necessary, as you will be guided from start to finish by me, in my personal Atelier, where all my substantial creations come to life.

With a limited number of participants, I can guarantee personalized attention both in customizing your project and in building the board, providing an enriching and unique experience. Whether you're eager to experience the thrill of building your own board or seeking to explore the art of sustainable surfboard construction to the fullest and become a renowned shaper, I'll be dedicated to offering individualized support and guidance.


Once you've completed your registration, we'll schedule the date for our first meeting, which can be held online. Over the next three days, we'll conduct the hands-on work right here in my workshop, where you'll have the opportunity to put into practice all the knowledge you've gained and bring your own surfboard to life.


To enroll, please select your desired surfboard as the starting point for your project. Then, proceed with the payment and reach out to me here to schedule our shaping meeting. I'm excited to begin this surfboard construction journey with you!

 +55 48 984029616        
  simbolo-email-png-8.png  david@davidweber.com.br

The shape is the core element of a surfboard. The Exclusive Workshop is a hands-on shaping course designed to finalize the shape of your board.

To prepare the board for water, lamination and final finishing are necessary, common processes in conventional surfboards. The costs of lamination are not included in the course fee. The Exclusive Workshop concludes with the Shape Ready and the shaper's signature (you), ensuring that your board is ready for lamination.

To complete your board, you have the following options:
1. Finish it on your own, following the Online Course, with no additional labor costs. An approximate expense of 200 to 400 reais is expected for materials.
2. Send the board to a Shaper/Laminator in your city, as the final step is common for both wooden and conventional surfboards.
3. In Florianópolis, we offer the option to leave the board for finishing with our trusted laminator.

In Brazil, this service (including labor + materials) for board finishing costs between 500 to 1000 reais, depending on the board's size.

The "Exclusive Workshop" offers an exclusive and personalized experience with me, David Weber, where you'll have the opportunity to design and build your own surfboard. Choose the model of the surfboard to use as a base. Contact us to schedule the date that best fits your schedule!

 +55 48 984029616   
  simbolo-email-png-8.png  david@davidweber.com.br

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