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Watch the video above and find out how you can learn to make your own Handplanes, without leaving home!

  Following the didactics of the lessons, step by step, you will be able to create incredible Handplanes like these - a fully functional work of art


What is David Weber's Online Workshop?

The Online Workshop is the first platform for Online Courses to build Wooden Surfboards, Paddles, Handplanes, Alaias, and Accessories.

You will receive all my knowledge that I have acquired over the years, thus having the possibility of becoming a professional shaper with the content that I will teach you. With this class, you're going to be able to build infinite Handplane models

This is the platform you need to learn to make your own Handplanes, or even, to take the first steps to change your life, becoming a Shaper!

Registering now, you will have:

1 -  Your Handplane 
Digital Plans

  • 1 Handplane Project (plans)

2 -  Video Lessons

  • Handplane Online Course - video lessons with approved didactics (step by step system)

3 - Access to the Course Files

  • Drawings and plans.

  • Tools and materials Lists 

4 - Access to Auxiliary Videos

  • For those who want to go even deeper.

 by signing up now, you will also get:

  • +2 MORE PANS

    With this bonus, you will receive the design of 3 different types of Handplanes!

sign up here! 

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R$ 580,00