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DWS flying fish

Inspired by the Campbell brothers’ Bonzer, the Spider is a 5 fin shortboard that is lightweight and incredibly fast. A great board for a variety of wave types and skill levels that provides more paddling power and surf stability in virtually all conditions.

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Build in our workshop R$ 5.530,00

Custom Made

Handcrafted for you R$ 7.300,00

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100% Handmade, and constructed entirely from durable Japanese Paulownia wood, the Spider sports winged rails, diamond tail, smooth rocker and amplified double concave supporting 4 fixed shallow-angled fins for optimum surfability. Old-style modernized, the Spider improves on the single-fin by giving more determinability to the surfer. 

  Size  Thickness  Width  Volume Weight
5'10"2 1/2"20"32 litros3,5kg
6'0"2 1/2"19 1/2"33 litros4kg
6'52 5/8"20"38 litros5kg
  • 5 Fin Bonzer design (4 fixed + center fin box)

  • Hollow and Constructed exclusively and entirely of wood

  • 100% Hand crafted and shaped

  • Design developed with 3D Modeling Software

  • Skeleton cut with CNC for proportion and measurement precision

  • Built in Goretex® breathing vent to automatically adjust interior pressure

  • Custom Order available; Delivery within 60 days