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DWS flying fish

Incredibly fast, the Flying Fish is the perfect board for a variety of wave types and skill levels. 100% Handmade, and constructed entirely from durable Japanese Paulownia wood, this thruster will withstand and excel in virtually all conditions.

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Make your own

Build in our workshop R$ 5.530,00

Custom Made

Handcrafted for you R$ 7.200,00

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The Flying Fish thruster catches waves easily due to its precision rocker designed for optimal paddling speed. It’s double-wing rails, accentuated dome deck, and soft-V-Swallow Tail allow for rapid edge movements and maximal speed on the wave wall. This board will maneuver at will, and allow you to push your limits to improve your surfing skills. It’s a ripper!

  Size  thickness  width  Volume weight
   5'9" 2 1/8" 19" 27 litros3,5kg
   6'1" 2 1/4" 19 1/2" 31 litros4kg


  • Thruster design with fin box

  • Hollow and Constructed exclusively and entirely of wood

  • 100% Hand crafted and shaped

  • Design developed with 3D Modeling Software

  • Skeleton cut with CNC for proportion and measurement precision

  • Built in Goretex® breathing vent to automatically adjust interior pressure

  • Custom Order available; Delivery within 60 days