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Based on the original ancestral Hawaiian surfboard design, the Alaia perfectly captures its historical roots while masterfully blending with modern design. This beautifully classic model inspires and connects directly to the first surfboards ever made by natives of Hawaii.

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One of a few boards to be truly 100% Organic, this board is hand-made strictly from all natural, eco-friendly, and sustainable materials. Constructed from ultra-light weight Paulownia wood and finished with impermeable Tung Oil, this board is not only ideal for soul-surfers, but a work of art to be cherished. Our Alaia is made from solid blocks of lightweight Paulownia. It has a slightly more narrow outline in the mid section with an accentuated concave on bottom. It proportionally allows for direction and flexibility to carve into the wave wall smoothly and comfortably.

 Alaia sizeSurfer weight
5'1045 a 75 kg
6'050 a 75 kg
6'265 a 80 kg
6'475 a 90 kg
6'680 a 92 kg

  • Unlike other surfboards, the alaia is solid

  • Water sealed with natural oils including an impermeable Tung oil base

  • Design developed with 3D Modeling Software

  • 100% Hand crafted and shaped

  • Custom Order available; Delivery within 30 days


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