David Weber

David Weber

David Weber is a professional engineer and has been a shaper since 2008, when he began to make boards from conventional materials such as EPS and PU. At that time he decided to make boards with alternative materials, which could combine sustainability, technology and art. He found wood to be the finest material that could be used, the same as in ancient surfboards, showing a new route to the future.

In recent years, he has been completely dedicated to the development of new boards, improving the construction processes and shapes. In this quest, the great challenge has been to build wooden boards that are light, so that they can truly be functional works of art. Because when it comes to surfing, performance is key to having fun in the waves.

To attain his method, David adopted various shipbuilding techniques that create a clean and silent process. The construction is optimized to the maximum to obtain strong, light boards as quickly as possible, so that they can be made in the four-day workshops – which are practical courses in which this knowledge is shared.

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Mais um Workshop finalizado com sucesso. Muito trabalho duro, aprendizado, e amizades novas que carregaremos por adiante. Um grande obrigado a todos os participantes desse Workshop de Fevereiro e a todos aqueles que se fizeram presentes. Até a próxima! All boards designed in @shape3d
Workshops Euro Tour. Two years after our overseas adventure at Ericeira, Portugal, we’re coming back to Europe. We’re going to be making available 3 dates, in 3 different countries: Portugal 🇵🇹 September 20,21 & 22 Germany 🇩🇪 October 04,05 & 06 Switzerland 🇨🇭 October 11,12 & 13 Dates (all 3 dates will match Friday, Saturday, and Sunday week-days) How to guarantee my vacancy ? We limit the number of 7 people per course, so the vacancies don’t last too long. To make it happen you need to: 1. Choose your surfboard model in “Boards” tab on the website 2. Choose “”Build in Workshop” 3. Choose size, date and place 4. Accept the terms 5. Continue with payment
Handmade by @orlandogonzaga in our last surfboards workshop. What a beautiful board! Designed in @Shape3D @davidweberacademy
Gun Jiantou 8'0 "A Flecha" . A prancha de madeira ideal para o surfista que curte ondas grandes. Designed in @shape3d
Mini Simmons 5’5 specially sculpted for @dr.brunolee . It’s time for some TwinFun Design in @shape3d
Gun Jiantou 8’0 “A flecha” Sua arma para ondas grandes! Três tamanhos disponíveis: 6'6, 8'0 e 10'6
Você sabe qual praia é essa?
Promoção: Workshop Alaia Grátis! . Você gostaria de compartilhar a experiência de construir a sua própria prancha com um amigo? Que tal se um deles não pagar absolutamente nada? . Link na bio . Para participar da promoção você deve: 1- Comprar um Workshop Prancha de Surf para 2019 2- Comprar um Moletom David Weber Surfboards . . O que você ganha? 1 Workshop Alaia na mesma data em que será feito o Workshop Prancha de Surf adquirido . Para validar a promoção utilize o código “ALAIA” ao finalizar a compra no nosso site . Sugestão: Convidar alguém (amigo, familiar) para fazer o Workshop Alaia com você. Os Workshops Alaia e Prancha de Surf acontecem simultaneamente, o que dificulta a realização de duas pranchas por uma só pessoa no curso. Caso queira fazer as 2 pranchas sozinho, poderá ser feito, contudo, se não finalizada a Alaia durante o curso, será uma tarefa a ser terminada na sua casa. . Promoção válida até 15/02/2019 ou até esgotarem as vagas.
A experiência de construir a própria prancha...
Diversão garantida para o verão! . #minisimmons 5’5 feita para @brunotlee boas ondas 🌊 Bruno! . @shape3d #hollowwoodensurfboard #surfboard #davidweber #surfing #twinfin

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