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Opening of the course Online Surfboards Workshop

Through the video lessons, you will be guided step by step to build a high level wooden surfboard. Many of the techniques and knowledge of this course have been developed exclusively by me, tested several times every single year in our intensive "3-day" courses, where nothing can go wrong.

I advise the use of Paulownia Wood in order to obtain a light surfboard that allows its use as both a work of art and an extremely functional surfboard in the waves. However, other wood can be used, knowing that the board functionality will be compromised. However, it will continue to be a great way to put the knowledge learned in the Online Workshop into practice, and still get a beautiful piece of art done by yourself, with advanced knowledge in naval engineering.

I also recommend the visualization of all the classes before starting to build your board. Many steps and techniques used in the course become explicit only after they are executed. So watch at least once before you start building your surfboard.

We have support materials available with very important information, close to the video, as well as the plans of your board, which is of extreme importance.

If you have any questions, you can contact us at dwsurfboards@gmail.com, and questions regarding the construction process can be made within our forum, in order to create a shared learning platform with all other students.

"Alone we go faster. Together, we go further."

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